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Abrasivestocks China

Sanding sponges are sponge-like sanding tools used for sanding wood, drywall, and plastic. Sanding sponges are like sandpaper, but the abrasive material is attached directly to the foam of the sponge instead of a piece of paper.                                                                                                                   About this item

Use on wood, paint, metal, plastic or drywall.

Planting sand on four sides can effectively improve the service life and reduce the cost.

The Sanding Sponges are portable and handy, and suitable for polishing flat and irregular surfaces.

Using high density sponges as base material, the resilience is excellent, plasticity is strong, and it is not easy to tear.

Washable and reusable, can be used wet or dry,and also can be used directly in water.Because of its own water storage function, it can reduce flushing and improve work efficiency.

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