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  • Friday, 24 June 2022
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On April 21-23, 2022, the Fifth India International Grinding and Finishing Expo opened at the Pimpri-Chichwad Automobile Cluster Exhibition Center in Pune, India.

Pune, where the exhibition is held, is regarded as India's "Detroit", showing great vitality in automobile, heavy engineering, aerospace, national defense, ordnance and many other manufacturing fields.


GRINDEX 2022-an internationally renowned professional platform focusing on tool grinding and surface finishing technology.

At the opening ceremony, there was a "lighting", which is a traditional Indian ceremony. For all important activities, a lampstand shaped like a small pagoda will be placed on the rostrum. When the lighting ceremony begins, the organizer and important guests take turns to light the wicks with candles.

As the only general agent in Grindex China, has applied to the special area of grinding enterprises in China to open up more effective international publicity channels for the grinding industry. and Henan Yuteng, Zibo Kerun, Zhongshan Shunhao, Zhengzhou Jixiang formed a Chinese exhibition group and settled in the China Grinding Enterprise Zone.

We contacted the organizers to provide professional service personnel proficient in Hindi and English for enterprises unable to reach the exhibition site, and also printed publicity pages, business cards and other relevant materials free of charge for Chinese enterprises participating in the exhibition, and the service personnel distributed and collected visitor information at the booth.

It is understood that the epidemic has had some impact on this exhibition, but the overall flow of people is still very considerable. This is due to the professionalism of the exhibition in the industry and the preparations of the organizers.

500 copies of the overseas English version of the catalogue of Chinese grinding suppliers were distributed at the exhibition to help more enterprises promote the exhibition, but also to bring more high-quality buyers to domestic enterprises and open up supply and demand channels.


The exhibitor is in progress

The 6th India International Grinding and Finishing Expo

Time: 2024

Location: Pune, India

Booth price: 9 square meters -29800 CNY

There is a discount for booking booths now.

Customer service telephone number: 15515917616 (same as WeChat)


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