The Abrasive Industry Live Broadcast Exhibition Ended Successfully.

  • Friday, 24 June 2022
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Who said that grinding products are too cold to do live online exhibitions like fast food products? Who said that grinding products can only use traditional offline transactions?

On April 15, the mill library set up a platform to connect suppliers and purchasers. And through the sound, Tencent video number synchronization live. Let all grinding friends stay at home and purchase online.

During the live broadcast, more than 20 enterprises entered our live broadcast room to display and explain their products.

The abrasive industry live broadcast exhibition ended successfully.


At 9:45, the live broadcast began. Song Yuning, deputy general manager of, introduced the export full hosting business of

Search and analysis of abrasive industry data; Training in foreign trade, documents and taxation; Obtaining procurement inquiries and reaching cooperation; Four aspects of enterprise international brand and team building are explained in detail. is your "professional export department". Don't worry about price being squeezed, don't worry about brand being sacrificed, don't worry about various pits and various export process traps.

The service cost is low, and the export team is stable and professional. Help enterprises to open real direct exports and let the world remember Chinese abrasive brands.

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