Shanghai Silicate Institute Makes a Series of Progress in the Field of Aluminum Oxynitride (AlON) Transparent Ceramics

  • Friday, 24 June 2022
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Aluminum oxynitride (commonly known as AlON) transparent ceramics have good transmittance in the visible and mid-infrared bands, and have significant advantages of high strength and high hardness. Recently, the research team led by researcher Wang Shiwei of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics has made a series of progress in powder synthesis, microstructure control, densification mechanism, optical window development and application assessment of AlON transparent ceramics.


Photo: AlON transparent ceramic hood and security equipment components


The team carried out the development of AlON transparent ceramic windows and head cover samples, solved key technical problems such as large-size transparent ceramic molding and sintering, and laid the foundation for later applications. (Source: Shanghai Silicate Institute)

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