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  • Friday, 24 June 2022
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From March 15 to 18, the largest and most professional grinding equipment and technology exhibition in the world GrindTec2022 Augsburg Grinding in Germany.

Compared with other exhibitions of the same type, its advantages are: GrindTec is famous for its rich variety of exhibits, high level of exhibits and high grade of visitors; Attracting ordinary abrasives, superhard abrasives, abrasive tools, auxiliary materials and abrasive equipment enterprises from all over the world.

GrindTec is known as the epitome and barometer of the international abrasive and technical market, and is the best market platform for Chinese abrasive and abrasive enterprises to the world. The German team of the grinding library took part in the exhibition with the overseas English version of "List of Chinese Grinding Suppliers", samples and brochures of Hebei Si Ryan, Jixiang Grinding Tools, Sanxing Feirong, Sanxin New Materials and many other grinding enterprises.

Many grinding friends were unable to participate in the exhibition. In view of this, our grinding friends circle activity connected with the German team, directly hit the GrindTec2022 exhibition site, and took everyone into the GrindTec2022 Augsburg Grinding Exhibition in Germany.

Affected by the epidemic and foreign wars, the scale of this exhibition is not very large compared to previous ones, with a total of 5 pavilions. Judging from the on-site situation, most of the German local companies participated in this exhibition. More than 20 Chinese grinding companies including Kaifeng Yuteng, China Machinery Cooperation, and Shandong Yurong participated in this exhibition.

During the exhibition, foreign customers came to the booth of the grinding warehouse not only to consult the products of Jixiang Abrasive Tools, Hebei Sirin kaway Automation and other enterprises, but also to learn more about the overseas English version of the list of Chinese grinding suppliers and give a good evaluation.

In addition, we distributed the overseas English version of the list of Chinese Abrasive Suppliers at the exhibition site, which not only helps more enterprises to promote the exhibition, but also brings more high-quality buyers to domestic enterprises and opens up supply and demand channels.

In the post-pandemic era, foreign exhibitions have become unattainable. Whether you go or not, foreign business opportunities are there.

Enter the overseas English version of "China Abrasive Supplier Directory", participate in no less than 10 overseas professional exhibitions within 3 years, and accurately launch the list of customer types.


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