Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Bureau Spot Check Diamond Circular Saw Blade (Sintered Saw Blade) 100% of qualified rate of 5 batches

  • Friday, 24 June 2022
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Recently, the Fujian Provincial Market Supervision Administration issued an announcement on the results of provincial supervision and spot checks on the quality of industrial products (No. 50, 2022). According to the announcement, the Fujian Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau recently organized a provincial-level supervision and spot check on the product quality of diamond circular saw blade products. The spot check products are diamond circular saw blades (sintered saw blades). A total of 5 batches of products from 5 production enterprises were spot checked, and the qualified rate was 100%.


Fujian Province Diamond Circular Saw Blade Product Quality Provincial Supervision and Spot Check Results (Qualified)


This spot check is based on the requirements of GB/T 11270.2-2002 "Super Hard Abrasive Products Diamond Circular Saw Blade Part 2: Sintered Saw Blade" standard, and the aperture, crack, dumb sound, and mark of diamond circular saw blade (sintered saw blade) Three items including errors were tested. The spot check found that all 5 batches of products met the requirements of the standard. (Source: China Quality News Network)

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