Feimeng Diamond Annual Output 1 billion Carat Functional Material The commencement ceremony of the project was successfully held!

  • Friday, 24 June 2022
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On April 6, the fourth phase of the "three batches" project construction activities in Henan Province set up a branch venue in Mengzhou City to participate in the activities simultaneously. Three projects were signed and 10 projects were started. The total investment of the 10 projects started this time is about 4.5 billion CNY, involving strategic emerging industries, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and other fields.


Among them, the Feimeng Diamond Project with an annual output of 1 billion carats of functional materials as a major project has a total investment of 1 billion CNY and covers an area of 165 mu. It has a new plant of 110,000 square meters in the original factory area of the company. The main construction includes 1 research and development testing center, 2 synthesis workshops and 4 later planning workshops, and the purchase of 500 six-sided top presses, finally forming a production scale of 1 billion carats of functional. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected to realize annual sales revenue of 0.6 billion CNY and profits and taxes of 96 million CNY. (Source:

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