Anti-Pandemic with One heart , "Pandemic" Making it Impossible to Refuse Qifeng New Material Donates 1 million CNY to Help Pandemic Prevention and Control

  • Friday, 24 June 2022
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On the morning of March 19, "Linzi District Red Cross Receiving Qifeng New Material Co., Ltds pandemic prevention and control love donation ceremony" was held in the company conference room. At the current critical moment in the fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia pandemic, Qifeng New material donated 1 million CNY to the District Red Cross to fully support the fight against the pandemic.

In recent years, Qifeng New Material has actively promoted good deeds, generously donated money and materials in relief and public welfare undertakings, practiced social responsibility and corporate responsibility with practical actions, and did a lot of relief work, setting a model example for the vast number of enterprises in the region. (Source: Qifeng New Materials Co., Ltd.)

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